Treading water

I did some work last night but was unhappy with how the toe was beginning to articulate. I got the 15 minutes of my goal in (before watching a movie with my wife, which I'm glad I did), but the work was rushed a bit. In a weird way it was good that I screwed up the few lames of the toe, since it keeps me from feeling bad when I have to throw them out because the pattern's not right.

These might be the most photographed sabatons in the history of man. The "diamondy" shape I talked about last time isn't something you can just hammer out. It's caused by the poulaine style shoe being asymmetrical. Behold the view from below.

And the view from above, comparing both to the image of the original, and the other shoe. The toes are big triangles slapped onto a rectangley oval.

So I did some trimming and some whacking. I still have to get the symetry back, and I want the shift to the triangle of the toe to be more abrupt and dramatic. It'll be accentuated by the slope of the last few lames which aren't on it now, but it's still not quite there.


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