Cleaning up the right

I made some progress cleaning up the right sabaton, and discovered a couple things. The belt sander works better than the flap wheels on that hard black forge scale. It does have trouble getting into the nooks near the rivet holes, which I'm starting to suspect are dents left by the rivet setter I'm using, but in the big open areas it does a good job. It's also effective right up against the roll in the ankle plate. J.P.'s suggestion on one of my earlier posts was to use a silicon carbide wheel. I happened to have one laying around, so I tried it. It worked a bit better than the Gator wheel, with fewer scratches as he'd predicted. It's not as effective on this hard black glaze as I'd hoped tough. It's like something nasty has to scratch the surface off before you can really polish it.

I managed to hold my target weight for all of two days before blowing it over this weekend. I biked a couple miles, did 100 push ups, 100 calf presses and a bunch of crunches, though they were mostly to help with my back. Since our bed developed a me shaped trench in it, it's like some kind of torture device. I mostly just ate too much over the last few days.


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