Knight School

Last night our practice hosted Knight School. All the attending knights fight for two minutes with the unbelted folks, then we talk about the fights and try to give useful advice. So people get a variety of feedback from the eight knights we had present. It went well despite the torrential downpour in the middle of practice. We mostly ignored it and kept on going.
It was a good enough work out that I'm down to 193.5. Half a pound to go!
With all that rain there may be much polishing in my future.
In other news, apparently my dog's latest big surgery was sort of a waste of time and money. The thing the ($400) ultrasound found was just inflammation, not a new batch of cancer. So the chest x-rays, the surgery itself, the post op overnight stay, the staple removal, and even the all the laundry and dry cleaning we've had to do because of the incontinence the surgery caused is all a big waste. I'm really glad Moe's OK, but what a pain to go through for nothing.


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