Open shop Oct 1st.

Folks are getting ready for Three Kings so the only one to show up to the open shop last night was Barnet. We had a nice time chatting, we went to Home Depot to get the square stock to brace my sabatons when I fire them and some better edging for my shield. We went out for ice cream (I cheated, but at least I got the tiny size). Basically we didn't really armour at all and we screwed around all evening.

I'm going to this event this weekend, which I'm hoping will knock me out of the funk I'm in. I've had a bit of a cold, I'm stressed from work, Moe's in surgery today, I'm just unfocused and vaguely bummed. A little weekend vacation might be just what I need. Exercising more would help to. I did 60 crunches this morning, but instead of going for a bike ride I just mowed the lawn, even though the grass is still so short it was hard to tell what parts I'd already mowed. It's sort of exercise, and it let me feel somewhat productive.

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