Left sabaton assembly part 2 (of 2)

I hit a couple good milestones today. I weighed in at my target of 193lbs, and I finished the left sabaton- OK, it still needs strapping, but all the tough steel work is done. I celebrated these achievements with two ice cream cones and four slices of pizza. All of them were tiny, but still, it wasn't the smartest party I've had.
Behold the wonderment (the shinier one is the left):

Compared to the original, I'm not getting as much downward bend, but the over all lines are pretty good. I had a sad little "aha!" moment when I realized I could pound on the fired lames a bit to make the gaps smaller. Once they're riveted together it doesn't work very well, but over a ball stake you can still improve things. It just works like 12 gauge instead of 23.

I improved the shape of the right sabaton a bit. Lames 6 and 7 are giving me some trouble, since the articulation points are landing close to the edge.

I may have to make a new 7th lame.

This was about an hour and a half of progress.


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