Sabatons completed

I still need to strap them, but all the research, patterning, shaping, articulating, firing, polishing and assembling is done. They're pretty cool.

I started moving on to greaves tonight, stuffing my notebook with images and digging out greave patterns. I even watched a video on greave raising. Hopefully I won't waste too much time making new patterns. My biggest concern really is getting the curve of the calf right, since that's the part that's new to me. I'm also wondering about the best way to brace and fire these guys. Rereading my posts on how I did it last time has helped, but I wish I'd been more detailed back then and posted more pictures.

The workshop last night went well. Maelgwyn got his gauntlets and knees cut out, and Barnet (shown here prepping the holes for carriage bolts) did a bunch of buffing and made some progress on his shield. I did a lot of rework on my breastplate. I'd intended to just replace a buckle with a bad tongue, but as I was pulling it out of my bag some of the leather ripped. So I replaced one of the leather hinges which attaches the kidney plate, shortened both of the kidney plates to adjust for my thinner figure (LONG overdue), fixed a strap that was about to blow, and conditioned the leather. THEN I finished the last three lames of my sabatons. Really it was pretty productive.

My cider keg is almost empty. Fortunately I have another waiting in the wings. I added some cinnamon and cloves to the new one. We'll see how strong the flavor of those gets. I also have been meaning to install the tap through the door of the beer fridge and start another batch of something hoppy.


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