Right sabaton firing

Last night my squire Aedinius came over for dinner and to work in the shop. He's been plugging away at the scale shirt he's wearing for quite a while, and just got the last scales done last night. There's a little leather work left to do to clean up the collar. The scales are in 410, so they're light weight, insanely protective and should be next to no maintenance.

While he was working on that I got the right sabaton ironed out and began bracing it for firing.

I've had some questions about the setup I'm using, so I took a picture of it. You can see the regular old propane tank, the high pressure regulator, the pressure gauge and the green gas line. That leads to the reducer where the air and the propane get mixed, fed through a tube into the forge and then there's a flare where the fiery gas comes out.

Here's the sabaton after I fired it this afternoon:

I added some wire wrapping that helped stiffen it up during the quench. I wasn't really happy with the external wrapping so I cut most of it off.


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