Firing the left sabaton

I learned a bit a bout bracing- 1/4 inch stock won't make a 90 degree bend cold when it has 1/8 inch holes in it. So I resorted to some wire wrapping, and used some 1/8 round stock through the holes to help keep the width. I'm thinking that's going to be way easier than trying to use the stinking bar stock again. You can also see the shield Barnet is making for me getting a coat of paint.

You can see some of the goofy wrapping I had to do to brace the toe where the bar stock broke.

Here's Barnet, ready to work the forge lid. I had him swap out the work glove for a welding glove, and he tracked down the fire extinguisher. No shop monkeys were harmed in the production of this sabaton. A lot of my gear is scattered around this picture, drying out from last night's downpour.

The left sabaton in the forge.

There's a little separation of the lames which happened in the forge. I'm not really happy about it, but it's not very pronounced. More wire wrapping may have helped, but it might clear up with the rivets peined down tighter.

I've never seen 410 make this much forge scale. I let it get too hot, and the flame was right on this side. The other side isn't so bad.


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