Things which are way harder than I expected for 1000, please Alex.

Adding the brace to the left sabaton was astoundingly awkward, and took me about an hour to do. There's lots of bending and adjusting. It's already pretty rigid, so I probably only need to brace it in a couple spots on the other side. But really, the bracing is about half way done. Took an hour of steady work. I'm still kind of pissed about it.

My right and left sabatons side by side. I'm still not sure how they ended up such different lengths, or with lame 7 being so much wider on the right sabaton. It does give me some room to adjust things, and I can always hide the length by adjusting the articulation to have some of the lames overlap more if I need to.

Barnet was bugging me to post a comparison shot with my first sabatons, so here it is. The first one I did, which were based on the Chartres sabatons, and Talbot's pattern is the farthest away. Note that it's taller than the other two all the way down the arch of the foot, and that the curve of its horizon is convex, rather than concave. Some of that is due to the bracing, but a lot of it is due to shaping and the pattern.

In fairness to the pattern, the Chartres sabatons are pretty different than almost every other pair from the era, including the ones I'm copying. The Chartres stuff is pretty freaky all around.
You can also see here how jagged the edge is on the right sabaton. That's despite coming straight off the pattern for the left sabaton which is already a nice smooth arc. Very strange.


Jannie Funster said…
My goodness, I never knew people actually made that stuff in this day and age.

Learn something new everyday!

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