Post 3 Kings report

Well, I had a good time at Three Kings. Avery, Giovanni, Kansuke and I car pooled. The company on the trip was nice, and it was good to share gas costs. Folks were also very helpful in setting up and breaking down camp. Wolf and Illaria did a great job making sure we were fed and comfortable in camp. The fighting was interesting, and pretty competitive. Here's a picture from Kansuke's camera of me, Giovanni, and someone I think is called Ironwyrm:

More photos here

I did 50 crunches and rode 3 miles this morning. During the ride I noticed one of the front break pads is worn almost all the way through, since it's been rubbing since we got the bike. I'm curious how much extra energy it's taken to do these rides with the breaks on... All the eating and exercise over the weekend sort of balanced out, but I was at 196.5lbs this morning.

I had a good little chat with Master Terafan Greydragon between battles. He had a nicely painted surcoat which he'd made out of left over tent canvas. He painted it with exterior latex paint watered down about 50/50 so it would penetrate the fabric. He was able to make crisp designs in a variety of colors, and it was standing up well after washing. I'm pretty sure painting surcoats would be easier than sewing them, so I'll probably give that a try.

I lugged my keg o'cider up to the war and got some excellent comments on it. A couple guys in camp were lusting after it in front of me before they knew it was mine, so it was nice to have unsolicited appreciation. It ended up being a touch warmer than I wanted since I don't have a great way to chill it, and I'm having trouble keeping this one carbonated. I'm not sure if the CO2 is just going into solution in the liquid or if I have a very slow leak in the keg. Considering the cider is going still I'm betting it's a slow leak.

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