Progress on the right sabaton with photos!

At the end of the shop night last night I managed to make some new patterns off the left sabaton. They're all collected in a wad in my trusty folder here:

Then I cut them out, and I cleaned up the edges on them a bit tonight to get them to look like this:

I rolled the edge (have to confess I did a much better job on the left one), curled the ankle plate, and attached 2 of the lames:

The articulation looks good.

It took me about an hour to get from the slightly rough plates to the point you see here. There's still a fair amount of fidgeting to do with even those three plates, since the edges aren't exactly where I want them, and there are some small gaps to close.

Here's one of my big distractions of late:

All the painting, and edging just seemed to take forever. I'm pretty happy with the new gryphon, which I copied from the Lutrell Psalter. It's early 14th century, but captures the authentic look better than my earlier version which you can see here on the right:

I'd made the initial templates for that based on the flags of Austria and Spain. I cobbled the Austrian eagle together with the Spanish lion in Harvard Graphics back around 1994, and basically limped it forward to the present day. The upgrade was long over due. I also shifted over to a wooden shield, which so far I'm liking.

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