Open shop 10/8/08 report

Maelgwyn, Barnet and I were the armouring crew last night. Maelgwyn made some good progress on his 410 half gauntlets. Barnet got a lot of sanding done on his leg harness. I fixed one of the horrible crappy brass blown out rivets in my gauntlet. If I ever have enough time to do it I'm just going to remove all of those guys. They just blow one at a time, and there are so many of them still that it seems like I'm fixing my gauntlets every week. I stripped down my left sabaton to get a pattern off it for the right foot, then cut the right sabaton pieces out.
My new shield held up pretty well, and seems pretty effective. I did quite well with it against everyone I fought. The fan on my arm is getting in the way of it a bit, and the straps are too snug, and not quite in the right place. It needs a bit of rotation so I can put the tail just where I want it, and the handle needs to be a bit farther back from the edge to help me with hooks and presses more.
I rode 3 miles today and did 50 push ups. Weight is still at 196.5 lbs.

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